Farm Machinery and Implements

Constant innovations are taking place in the agriculture sector. And it has been elevating the industry to a new level of technical excellence. At NESPVL, we are in a position to procure and supply any machinery used in the Agricultural sector for better productivity. From tiny equipment to a Heavy-duty Tractor, we can supply all. Our experts also possess in-depth knowledge to guide the clients to get the most appropriate machineries for the best utility. Equipments from all renowned makes are available with us. International specifications are strictly followed in all products.

The Machineries include:

  • Cultivators
  • Sowing & Planting Equipment
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Threshers, Reaper & Binders
  • Crop/Grain/Seeds Cleaning
  • Disc Plough
  • Disc Harrows - Inline & Offset
  • Agriculture Trailers - Tipping & Non - Tipping Type
  • Tillers - Heavy Duty & Spring Loaded Type
  • Maize Shelling & Grinding equipment
  • Bailing Machines
  • Pesticides Sprayers - Tractor Mounted, Knapsack Sprayers, etc
  • Hullers & Dehuskers
  • Grading & Weighing Equipment
  • Tractors

Irrigation Equipment

In the era of automation, irrigation is not just an artificial application of water to the soil but an integrated process supported by machinery, expertise and technology. We facilitate the clients to initiate an ultramodern Irrigation process by supplying a range of top-notch machineries. The machineries are compatible to apply in any type of geographical location. Depending on the requirements, we supply the best equipments for the best results. Application of our Irrigation equipments reduces the need of manpower.

Some Irrigation Equipments include:

  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
  • Sprinklers Irrigation Systems
  • High Discharge Sprinkler Guns
  • Land Excavators
  • Dozers
  • Digging Hoes
  • Levelers, Rollers, Compactors
  • Diesel Engine/Electric Motor Driven Water Pumps - Fixed and Trailer Mounted
  • DG Sets
  • Bore Well Submersible Pumps - Motor / Diesel Engine Operated / Solar Operated
  • HDPE / PVC / GI Pipes & Fittings
  • Hybrid Seeds Fertilizer
  • Pesticides

Green Houses

We are not only a seller of Green Houses, but also a specialist with detailed knowledge on the installation, maintenance of the Green Houses. That’s why we are in a superior position to supply all equipments that the clients need for Green Houses. We offer equipments for both glass greenhouses and plastic Greenhouses. The plastics that we supply for Green Houses mostly include PE film and multiwall sheet in PC or PMMA. Special materials can also be given on demand. Our equipments lead to maximum production of vegetables or flowers. We also supply equipments for Heating, Cooling, Screening and Lighting. Computerized systems to automatically control the Green Houses can also be supplied at affordable prices.

We offer:

  • Complete Green House Solutions
  • Green House Transgenic
  • Glass House
  • Poly House
  • Net House
  • Mist Chamber
  • Shade Netting
  • Heating and Ventilation Equipment
  • Fumigation Equipment
  • Floriculture Turnkey Projects
JAS-ANZ Certification

KVQA, NORSK accreditation

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