NESPVL has unmatched expertise in providing Equipments as well as solutions in the field of Engineering and Projects management. Our professionals execute projects on turnkey basis, providing unparalleled Engineering Products and services for projects covering Planning, Designing, Execution, Commissioning and Implementation. We offer complete Engineering Consultancy in the fields like Industrial Projects, Capital Equipment, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Projects, Textile Machinery and the like.

Industrial Plants / Turnkey Solutions:

  • Detergent and Soap Manufacturing Plant
  • Paints, Inks and Varnishing Plant
  • Industrial Alcohol Plant
  • Tablets and Capsule Manufacturing Lines
  • Syrup Manufacturing Lines and Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Steel Pipe (ERW) Manufacturing Plant
  • Plastic bags / Pipes Manufacturing Plant
  • Stone crushing Plant
  • Concrete3 pre-mix Plant / Asphalt Plant
  • Sugar Plant and Machineries
  • Cement Plant and Machineries
  • Leather Processing Unit
  • Railway Signaling
  • Fertilizer Plant
  • Paper Recycle Plant
  • Tannery

Food Processing Plants:

  • Bottling and Beverages Plant
  • Brewery and Distillery Plant
  • Dairy and Milk processing Plant
  • Soya milk processing Plant and Machinery
  • Fruit and Vegetables processing Plant
  • Vegetables Dehydration Plant
  • Bread and Bakery Plant
  • Potato Chips and Wafer Plant
  • Confectionery Plant
  • Honey processing Plant
  • Edible Salt Refinery
  • Starch & Glucose Plant
  • Juice & Jam Plant
  • Cattle Feed Plant
  • Slaughter House

Capital Equipments:

  • CNC Machine
  • Weighting Equipment
  • Construction Machinery
  • Earth moving machinery
  • D.M. Water Plant Equipments
  • Boilers • Industrial Pumps
  • Incinerators / Furnace
  • Piping Equipments and Pumps
  • Municipal Waste Handling Equipments
  • Industrial Waste Handling Equipments
  • Caravans and Motor Homes


  • Solar Home Lighting
  • Solar Street Lighting, Refrigerators, Lantern and Torch
  • Solar Water Pumps and Heaters
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Invertors
  • Generators
  • Invertors
  • Hydro Power Plant
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Bio-mass Plant
  • Bio-diesel Plant
  • Wind Energy
JAS-ANZ Certification

KVQA, NORSK accreditation

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