NESPVL offers the best health and medical products to the global client ensuring health and happiness for everyone. We offer diverse range of Health Equipments and Medical Products. Health has always remained one of the most important factors in development. We understand the fact and supply technically advanced products to diverse geographical locations. We offer everything from Ambulance to Lab Machines with best of service and zero error.

The range of Health and Medical Products include:

  • Ambulance & Mobile Equipments:
    • Mobile Cardiac Care Unit
    • Mobile Diagnostic Unit
    • Mobile Blood Bank Unit
    • Mobile Dental Unit
    • Mobile Eye Clinic
    • Mobile Health Clinic
    • Mobile Boat Clinic
    • AIDS Counseling Units

  • Medical Accessories:
    • Surgical Equipments
    • Diagnostics Equipments
    • Laboratory Equipments
    • Orthopedics Equipments
    • Radiology Equipments
    • ENT Equipments
    • Cardiology Equipments
    • Mortuary
    • Disposables
    • Hospital Furniture

  • Turnkey Medical Solutions:
    • Setting up New Hospital
    • Hospital Consultancy
    • Disaster Management Projects
    • Public Health Projects
    • Prefab Health Centers

JAS-ANZ Certification

KVQA, NORSK accreditation

Quick Contacts

You can send an email to Nova Exim Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on the following addresses: