A wide range of textile machinery and equipments are offered with necessary training to client’s personnel. Everything from small accessories like scissors to high-end spinning and weaving machinery are provided to customers around the globe. Equipments are offered to take care of the entire production process starting from the preparation of fibre to the spinning of the yarn. Laboratory testing equipments as well as accessories and spare parts are also provided. Our products encompass the entire range of Textile manufacturing process and operations.

Textile Plants:

  • Weaving Plant
  • Spinning Plant
  • Ginning Plant
  • Spare Parts

Textile Laboratory Equipments:

  • Weaving Preparation and Weaving Machine
  • Fibre Tester
  • Yarn Tenacity Tester
  • Automatic Rapid Tester
  • Evenness Tester
  • Humidification and Air Conditioning System for Plant
  • Spare Parts
  • Threads
  • Chemicals for Textile Industries
JAS-ANZ Certification

KVQA, NORSK accreditation

Quick Contacts

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