Tips for creating consistent content for your online business

Tips for creating consistent content for your online business

If you’ve ever tried to consistently create content online, you know that getting it out there without fail every week is very tough task to do. So here in this blog post I am sharing few tips for creating consistent content for your online business.

There are some key things which really have helped me to stay consistent in growing my online business. As I am a freelance content strategist I really feel the same thing while creating content.

So if you guys are also struggling to be communicating regularly with your niche people, I’ve got a few really practical suggestions for you in this blog post.

Oh, and by the way, these tips for creating consistent content don’t just apply to getting podcast and blog content out consistently, you can apply these to anything, including social media posts, YouTube videos, blogging sites etc.

How to Publish Consistently? this is very tough thing (hahahaha)


Yes, I do this also to still produce all my own content. But with every piece of content published on this website, I’m not the only one doing this amazing work. I think up for the new the ideas, write the posts or design the creatives, but other than that, it’s all handed off to my team members also and I couldn’t be more thankful for that to them.

If you find yourself spending forever creating creative graphics, finding related posts to pop into the end of each blog, editing graphics or IG Reels or uploading and improving things correctly then I have good news, ALL of those things can be passed off to someone else.

So if you’re struggling with finding the time to create consistent content for your business, look at where you can get yourself time back by passing off some of the job to someone else from your team.


One of my favorite things which I have learnt from Tim Ferris. That his favorite way to get stuff off his to do list from work is to cross it out and just not do that thing. This is one of the best tips for creating consistent content for your online business.

So if the very little or small things are getting in your way, here’s your permission and inspiration to just not do them.

As an experienced content writer freelancer in Chandigarh, I have learnt one thing that. If you’re spending your time on little tasks that aren’t really moving the needle, it’s time to stop yourself right now.

Now the question arises, what is the good way to figure out what is a small task? So you have to think about your business overall. What are the methods in which it generates revenue? What are they ways in which you promote your business and make sales out of it?

Those are the big tasks for your business, the good uses of your precious and valuable time. All the other little or small stuff, just let it be, or pass it to the someone else from your team, cross it off the list and get back to the important tasks, like making time to create consistent content for your business!


I was reading ConvertKit’s State of the Blogging Industry report and found something which was greatly valuable to helping me post consistently.

“In every case, the average number of posts published for all respondents was less than the intended number of posts published… Everyone struggles to meet their publishing goals, including the pros… 

Of the respondents, 52% of bloggers write either the day before or on the same day as they plan to publish. No wonder there’s such a large discrepancy between how often bloggers plan to publish and how often they actually publish!

This data shows us very clearly that successful bloggers could unlock an entirely new level of consistency by increasing the gap between when they write and when they publish their content”


So here is one more tips for creating creative content for your online business is that, write your posts always in advance, schedule them accordingly, and then when life happens (which it always will) your content will stay consistent always.  


If I as a content writer sit down to blog but don’t have a specific blog topic I like written down to work on, I won’t get the blog post done. So shortly I would say that I need to have both the exact topic I need to be creating content on and actually like the idea in order to get myself to do it.

So again I am here adding this, don’t just sit down and think “I need to create good content, what should I create for more traffic?” Already have your best creative content ideas down before you need to start working on them.


The very easiest way to make sure anything gets done in life or business? Make it as easy on yourself or as possible to get it done by your side. The first problem is having a process in place so you don’t need to be forgetting steps and fixing issues later, and you should actually know what you need to do when you sit down to work for your business growth.

Working as Website designer freelancer in Chandigarh, I can only give suggestion to all of you that always plan your work and try to automate that according to right time you get for your business.

So, these are few tips for creating consistent content for your online business, hope you guys implement it better business growth.

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