7 Organic Instagram Growth Tips

7 Organic Instagram Growth Tips

Everyone wants to grow their social accounts very fast. Does the thought of having 3K real Instagram followers or audience in just 10 days excite you? If yes, so you are in the right place. Here in this blog, I am going to share my top 7 organic Instagram growth tips!  

While the growth in the initial stage is always at a snail’s pace. So, I always keep these tips to pay off.

Here are my organic Instagram growth tips that will also help your IG account flourish. So let’s move forward.

How to start growing an Instagram account organically

Whether you are a beginner or just need new ideas to start your IG account, I have covered it. Many people always forget to follow Instagram Algorithm. 

I must say in the starting, growing your IG account seems very difficult. It was also very difficult for me, in the beginning, to just complete 1K followers on my IG profile.

It is very true what they say, that there is comfort in the numbers. My biggest advice for those who are struggling with under 1K followers is to Never Give Up!

instagrma growth tips -shailja sharma (lifestlt tech blogger)

It might seem very difficult, but you don’t have to stop!

Without any further delay! Let’s get to know about my organic Instagram growth tips:

Build your Instagram Feed & Profile

Videos & Photography: Instagram is a visual social media platform, so here I would like to suggest investing in a good camera whether it’s of your good phone or a professional camera to make your content stand out even more.

Find Inspiration: Because the Instagram platform is very saturated, you have to find a way to stand out better.

Always ask yourself a question, why someone should follow you?

7 instagram organic growth tips-shailja sharma

So be an influencer, and provide great shareable, savable content to your followers or audience.

Have a niche: Always try to build your profile under a niche. You have to develop a niche so that people can know something.

If you are a good cook and love to explore new recipes, then I would suggest posting about food, recipes not about travel or etc. hope you understand.

Show your personality: we always know that someone is there behind every social profile. So make sure to show your presence known. People want to know that your account is real or authentic. So, if they connect with your personality they are even more interested to follow you.

Optimize your IG account Bio

So, as soon as someone lands on your IG page, you have the chance to immediately tell them more about yourself! Are you a food blogger, Lifestyle blogger? An entrepreneur, are you a fashion diva? Let them know!

Imp Tip: if you are running a business through an IG account make sure to add your email address to your bio. Brands are going to find you IG platforms can reach out to you for future business.

Use IG Stories:

Instagram stories are a great way to show your daily life or your personality to your followers. 

Make sure to tag brands, geotag, and always use relevant hashtags to your stories to increase more story viewers. 

Use Relevant Hashtags in Your Niche

Instagram makes it very easy to find related hashtags to your niche. Whenever you are posting something related to your niche always use relevant hashtags to it to increase the reach of your post. 

Also, when you use hashtags within your niche, and try to interact with them for example like their post, comment on their stories because they are in your targeted audience as well.

Post on feed consistently

Are you from one of those who post one photo and ghosts for many days? If yes, my dear IG algorithm does not work like that.

If Instagram daily watches the content that the audience or people are engaging with, IG will automatically boost that reels, posts & IG profiles more than an inactive user.

So, you should post every single day. But also make sure to keep your quality on point.

Always be Social:

As we all know that Instagram is a social platform so if you are on this platform, don’t be shy! This is one of the biggest tips I can ever suggest to grow your profile.

Networking & Connecting with others

So try to interact with your followers or your audience will get to know about you until you are liking or commenting on their content. If you like someone’s IG profile why not send them a DM? If you are finding someone another creator just like you why not reach out to them?  Learn & Grow together.

Note: Another, organic Instagram growth tip is “Content” -it is the key to any growth. try to provide valuable and inspirational content on your Instagram account. you can check Tips to create consistent content for your online business here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and learn more about organic Instagram growth tips. Please comment and save this post on your pinboards.

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